Blessing in Disguise of Indonesia's Cultural Diversity

Indonesia's Cultural DiversityIndonesia’s cultural diversity is a blessing, Culture and Tourism Resources Development Agency spokesman Pitana said here on Wednesday.

Speaking at a public discussion in the framework of National Creative Week at Banyualit Buleleng Hotel in Buleleng district town of Singaraja, Pitana said the cultural diversity in Indonesia was among others in the form of traditional dances, music, art performances, fabric motifs, and handicrafts across the country.

He said the national cultural diversity should continue to be preserved and maintained in the face of various global cultural challenges. According to him, the cultural diversity was the capital to develop a better life because it was a base for the nation’s cultural, tourism, and economic development in a creative way.

Pitana explained that conservation and development of culture and tourism should use the concept of democracy or community empowerment in accordance with the objective of tourism development. He pointed out that in the other parts of the world, creative industry had positive impact on national and regional economy.

In England for example, Pitana said creative industry ranked second as a pillar of the country’s economy from the music, arts, and films. While in Canada, creative industry in 2002 contributed 5.4 percent of gross domestic product and 6 percent against the United State gross domestic product.

Therefore cultural and social observer Made Metra said Indonesia should empower and develop its creative industry as the identity of the nation.

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